PowerShell Intro Delivered by the Spooky Skeleton

I wanted to finally do something with this idea to start keeping some of my findings in a place where I or others could find them easily.


To start off I wanted to greet everyone with one of my favorite dopey ASCII art images (with some additional greetings instead of the usual chain mail message).

I can tend to be kind of a no fun stiff sometimes with PowerShell code style and PSScriptAnalyzer rules and in true honor of that I chose to Write-Output instead of Write-Host (something, something, something dead puppies… Yes I know PowerShell v5 changed its behavior…).

This brings me to my first real post idea which is a write up of my favorite free PowerShell resources, one of which is the PoshCode style guide. I had this idea after posting a reply on (/r/PowerShell) asking about a favorite book/training course on PowerShell. It won’t be limited to just style and rules, I also want provide some good resources for folks just getting started as that is a question I also see frequently on Reddit and from colleagues.

Oh yeah… I haven’t decided on a theme, and I am also notorious for making tons of small edits, so I forsee many commits/updates to this in the future.

Update 4-22-20181

  1. I went through a big update in April 2018, this article was moved as part of that!