The PowerShell Conference Book

The PowerShell Conference Book

If you haven’t already heard about PowerShell Conference Book then I am extremely excited to announce it to you!


Table of Contents

The Book

The PowerShell Conference Book is intended to be a PowerShell conference contained in a book. Over 30 PowerShell industry professionals have joined up to each write an individual chapter on a conference level PowerShell topic. I was extremely excited to participate in authoring a chapter myself when Mike Robbins contacted me with the opportunity.

Probably unsurprisingly by now, my chapter is on Plaster (as that was my PowerShell + DevOps Summit 2018 presentation). If you pickup the book, which I really hope you do, you can find it in part 3 of the book, “PowerShell and DevOps”. Plaster aside, this book is seriously packed with some amazing content you won’t find anywhere else. Even as an author of a chapter, I am totally engrossed in reading the other chapters that are included in this book.

Onto the best part about this book!

OnRamp Scholarship Program

The part about this book which I love the most, is that it part of the Leanpub for Causes program. Better yet, 100%, yes 100% of the royalties of this book are donated to the DevOps Collective and will go toward the OnRamp Scholarship!

I am going to make a larger post about the OnRamp program soon!

I will admit, it was exciting experience to author my first published material that wasn’t code or a blog post. More exciting than the rush of authoring something, is knowing that the royalties from this book will help grow and diversify our industry, and the PowerShell community.

Again, I can’t state enough how seriously awesome this book is. It is packed full of rich content, and you get to support a truly amazing cause by buying it!

Thank You

I want to take a moment to thank the other authors who took the time to contribute to book! Consider giving these folks a follow and checking out some of the great content they’ve posted on their blogs!

Author Website
Mike F Robbins
Jeff Hicks
Michael Lombardi
Adam Murry
Anthony Nocentino
Brandon Olin
Brian Bunke
Don Jones
Doug Finke
Emin Atac
Fred Weinmann
Graham Beer
Irwin Strachan
James Petty
Jeremy Murrah
Justin Sider
Luc Dekens
Mark Kraus
Mark Wragg
Mike Kanakos
Mike Shepard
Patrick Gruenauer
Prateek Singh
Rob Sewell
Thomas Lee
Thomas Rayner
Thom Schumacher
Tim Curwick
Tim Warner
Tommy Maynard
Tore Groneng
Wesley Kirkland

Finally, a massive thank you to Mike Robbins for the idea and coordinating all of this. As well as (again) to Mike Robbins, Jeff Hicks and Michael Lombardi for helping to edit and put the book together!