I'm Back!

I’m Back!

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It has Been Far Too Long

Well, it happened. Basically life, you know when you mean to do something and then a million things happen and you leverage them as excuses to not do something else? Yeah, that is what happened to me. Sure, life threw a few minor curve balls, but I really don’t have an excuse for not updating in as long as I have.

With that out of the way…


Nothing is without it’s own learning experience, and I think I learned a little bit about myself. Time is a valuable resource, and though I have spent a lot of my time learning, sharing, and doing some self growth in various areas, neglecting this blog is something I don’t want to have happen again.

With that said, I have a ton of things I want to write a post on, and boy howdy do I plan to! I am going to try to set a goal for myself to at least do a weekly post. Post ideas in the very VERY near future include the following…

  • My new PowerShell (mostly) dependency free prompt
  • My PowerShell Summit 2019 experience

I have around 15 other potential things I am itching to write a post about, but those two are the most recent for me.

Was this post blog fluff? Yup (hence the category and tag). Deal with it for now anyway, the good stuff is coming!