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What is OnRamp?

Did you know there is a new track for 2019 called OnRamp? This is an amazing opportunity, somewhat of a conference within a conference (with a separate registration from the normal Summit), where 40 individuals can come and attend the Summit but instead of attending the 400 level sessions, get a hands on training from the best! OnRamp is designed for individuals with at least an entry level knowledge and experience in IT but want to turbocharge their career!

But wait, there’s more! The OnRamp attendees will have the option of having a buddy. “What’s a buddy?”, you ask? Great Question! OnRamp attendees can optionally be buddied up with a Summit attendee. This will give the OnRamp attendee the following…

  • Someone to ask PowerShell and technical questions as they quickly learn a lot of content.

We’ve all been there, learning PowerShell can sometimes have topics that don’t sink in right away, or it takes you talking to multiple people to really get a handle on it. Imagine how helpful it would be if you knew that you had a dedicated person, willing to spend a couple minutes with you, to really help you learn that one tough concept?

Another OnRamp perk includes…

  • Someone to help introduce them to the PowerShell community at general sessions and/or events.

Okay - Let’s be honest, and Don has said this more times than I can count now over the few Summits I have attended. We’re all introverts! (or at least most of us) Meeting people might not be the easiest sometimes. OnRamp attendees will be able to lean on their buddy at the general sessions and meals to meet new folks faster. One thing I cannot stress enough, despite this perk, the PowerShell community overwhelmingly is the warmest, most friendly, helpful group of folks I have ever met. Given this fact, I don’t see any new attendee in the OnRamp or Summit track having this issue. However, OnRamp folks will have their buddy to help break the ice.

Call for Summit Buddies!

Hey you! Yes, you. You’re thinking of going to the PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit 2019, maybe it’ll be your second year, or third, or perhaps you’ve been to all of them! This year you can help out.

I am asking any PowerShell + DevOps Summit alumni to volunteer to be a potential buddy for an OnRamp attendee. Best case, I am hoping that we have more volunteers than we need. I think it is certainly possible. This is a relatively simple way you can help give back to our awesome community in a very low impact way! It only requires you to share your knowledge with your OnRamp buddy, show them the ropes of the summit, and introduce them to others! Can giving back to our community get any easier?!

I know this is early, but April 2019 will be here before you know it! Please contact me directly (see methods below) if you are planning to attend the 2019 Summit and are interested.

Additional Information

You can find the OnRamp brochure here.

If you also didn’t know, there is an OnRamp Scholarship as well. You can also help fund this by purchasing “The PowerShell Conference Book”! A community created content packed book, 100% of the royalties of this book go towards funding the scholarship!

You can also support the scholarship by using and selecting the DevOps Collective as your charity of choice.

A direction donation can me made via PayPal as well to support the OnRamp scholarship directly as well.